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As a physician you want the best possible care for your patient. You want a Home Health Agency that is aligned with your practice’s values. You want a relationship with a home health agency that is built on trust.

Services we offer Physicians

You can depend on Prime Home Care, LLC to:

1- Listen to our Physicians and learn how to better serve your patients and deliver the kind of patient care you value most.

​2- Your staff will always be treated with dignity and respect.

​3- High quality care. Rest assured Prime Home Care, a Help at Home Company has knowledgeable and equipped nurses.  Training is not something we take lightly, in fact we have on staff trainers. Prime Home Care equips every nurse with the right tools to ensure your patient’s care is top notch.

4 – Prompt and understandable reports.  Prime Home Care, a Help at Home Company uses electronic documentation through DeVero.  With this cloud based system each Physicians can access their patients records any time of the day.  This “bird’s eye” view of everything going on with their patient.

​5- DeVero also provides hassle free interaction with your office staff.  No more 18 page faxes to receive, get your signature and fax back. Electronic documentation also eliminates the nurse traffic coming in and out of the office to get those signatures. Physicians can electronically sign those orders.

​6 – We are so confident in our nurses we are willing to take on our fair share of tough cases.

​7- We accept almost all insurances.

​8- Our team can help you qualify for Care Plan Oversight simply and efficiently.

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